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Toronto Targeting Interior Design of Residential Developments
Land Development,  Municipal, Planning & Environmental,  Real Estate & Development
March 10, 2017
Guidance From the Ontario Court of Appeal on the Enforceability of Termination Provisions
Employment & Labour
March 09, 2017
Canadian Life Science Law Blog Round-Up - March 2017
Canada’s Excessive Pricing Regulations Survive Another Constitutional Challenge
Health Canada Announces Random Testing of Medical Cannabis for Prohibited Pest Control Product Use
Have Your Say on Federal Food Regulatory Change: Consultation Open On Draft Safe Food For Canadian Regulations
To Engage or Not to Engage: Guidance on Motions to Strike a Within Application
January 2017 Deal Round-Up
Canada’s Cannabis Opportunity in the Era of Trump
Proposed Changes in Personal Use Importation of Pest Control Products
Life Sciences
March 08, 2017
Government Announces Extension of the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit
Mining,  Taxation
March 06, 2017
Lessons Learned - Lesson Six: Getting Sub-Leasing Right - Common and Costly Errors can be Avoided
Financial Services
March 02, 2017
Site C and the Honour of the Crown: Prophet River First Nation v Canada (Attorney General)
Aboriginal,  Government Relations,  Mining
February 27, 2017
CRA Releases New Guidelines on CEE
Mining,  Taxation
February 27, 2017
How to Say What You Mean: The Importance of Contractual Bonus Language
Employment & Labour
February 09, 2017
Product Liability e-COMMUNIQUÉ - February 2017
Words from the Wise: Court Provides Guidance to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Products Litigators in Pre-Certification Dismissal of Drug Class Action
Plaintiffs’ Failure to “Connect the Dots” Between Duty to Warn and Alleged Harm Leads to Certification Denial in Drug Class Action
The Early Bird Catches the Win: Recent Decisions Affirm the Importance of Due Diligence in Limitations Defences to Product Liability Actions
Occupier’s Waiver of Liability Invalidated under the Consumer Protection Act
Regulating Risk: Keeping You Up-To-Date on Product Regulation
What We’re Up To
Editor’s Note
Product Liability
February 06, 2017
Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - January 2017
Are You Ready for British Columbia’s New Franchise Law? Does Your Canadian Franchise Disclosure Document Need Annual Updating?
Introducing Our Newest Partner, Stéphane Teasdale
The Countdown is Over: Ontario’s Healthy Menu Choices Act is in Force
Licence to Pill: Québec Superior Court Rules On Pharmacist-Franchisee Royalty Issue
Ontario Court Upholds Franchisee’s Obligation to Pay Percentage Rent
The End of A Saab Story?: The Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Lower Court Decision on Jurisdiction Over a Franchise Dispute
Ontario Court Examines What Constitutes a Franchise Relationship Under the Wishart Act
Court Rejects Plaintiff’s Plan for a Partial Summary Judgment Motion in Franchise Class Proceeding
Franchisee Ordered to Pay ‘Dough’ to Pizza Franchisor for Outstanding Royalties
What We’re Up To (Winter 2016/2017)
January 27, 2017
Crown's Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples Regarding Legislation
Aboriginal,  Government Relations,  Mining
January 26, 2017
Lessons Learned - Lesson One Supplement: Get the Name Right on the Financing Statement
Financial Services
January 25, 2017
Lessons Learned - Lesson Five: Insolvency & Leasing – True Lease vs. Finance Lease Remains an Important Distinction
Financial Services
January 24, 2017
Lessons Learned - Lesson Four: Always Register Your Lease if it is Greater Than One Year
Financial Services
January 12, 2017
Make a List and Check it Twice: New Record Keeping Requirements for Ontario Corporations
Land Development,  Real Estate & Development
January 12, 2017
Out With the Old, In With the New: A New Regime for Forfeited Corporate Property and Corporate Real Property Administration
Real Estate & Development
January 10, 2017
Top 10 Employment & Labour Law Cases and Trends in 2016
Employment & Labour
January 03, 2017
Capital Markets Report - December 2016
CBB Knowledge Centre
From the Regulators
What We've Been Up To
December 14, 2016
Rectification Requires Prior Agreement to Succeed: Intention Alone Insufficient
Business,  Real Estate & Development,  Securities,  Taxation
December 13, 2016
The Increase in Ontario Land Transfer Tax that Nobody is Talking About
Real Estate & Development
December 13, 2016
Assistance to Auto Finance Community – Courts Consider the Meaning of the Phrase ‘Brought In' in the Context of the Personal Property Security Act
Automotive,  Equipment & Asset Financing,  Financial Services
December 01, 2016
Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - November 2016
British Columbia’s Franchises Act: New Disclosure Requirements
Just Not Ready? Raibex Decision Makes Post-Agreement Location Selection a Fatal Error
Ontario Court Focuses on Franchisee’s Ability To Make An “Informed Decision” In Denying Rescission Claim
Never-Ending Saab Stories: The Ontario Superior Court of Justice Revisits Jurisdictional Issues for International Franchisors
Back to the Future: Ontario Courts Decline To Uphold Tenant’s Interpretation of a 25 Year Old Restrictive Covenant In Lease
Delivered From Liability: Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Finds Franchisor Not Vicariously Liable for Acts of Franchisee
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Denies Claim By Franchisee Against Franchisor
Supreme Court of Canada Delivers the Final Word on Pet Valu Class Action
The Table Is Set: Ontario’s Healthy Menu Choices Act Regulations
Cassels Brock Contributes To Response To The Ontario Government’s Changing Workplaces Review Interim Report
What We’re Up To (Fall and Winter 2016/2017)
November 28, 2016
Lessons Learned - Lesson Three: When to Send a Notice of Intention to Enforce Security Under Section 244 of the BIA and When to Wait the 10-day Notice Period
Financial Services,  Restructuring & Insolvency
November 22, 2016
Court of Appeal Confirms Importance of Proper Corporate Process and Disclosure in M&A Transactions; Overturns Approval of US$2.3 Billion Merger Between InterOil and ExxonMobil
Litigation,  Mining,  Securities,  Securities Litigation
November 09, 2016
Thomas Isaac Authors Authoritative Resource on Aboriginal Law
Aboriginal,  Government Relations,  Mining
November 03, 2016